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Hello! I’m on a indefinite hiatus, I will stop making themes for a while. Maybe I will make themes again sometimes when I have time but I’m actually kind of disheartened by my own skills, so I want to improve before I come back and I want to learn many things other than web design and also focus in school (this is why I rarely able to reply to messages lately)! Also the ask box for this blog is closed, if you send ask theme questions to my main blog it will take a while to answer and there is a possibility that I won’t answer at all, I’m sorry. For now I will just rebloging some favorite themes and resources, but not make them my own. Thank you for supporting me all this time! 



Preview / Code

  • 250px sized posts - 3 columns
  • 400px sized posts - 2 colmuns
  • Full page header
  • search bar
  • custom tumblr controls
  • Description
  • Title
  • show captions option
  • show tags options
  • Infinite scroll option
  • Customizable colors
  • Tooltip
  • Blog will scroll as you click on the bottom links.

Wallpapers will make great headers for this theme. I have made a wallpaper pack for this theme that I hope you guys will enjoy. [x

All in one includes :
  • Ask box page which includes an icon and space for text that you can add.
  • Navigation / Tags page with 8 extra links, icon, and tags.
  • About me page with icon.
How to edit the pages:
You can choose the colors, upload the icons, and add the links for the navigation page in the customization part. As for the tags, about me, ask box text - just go to edit html, press ctrl+f and type in "</body>" or simply scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see where you can add stuff. Further instructions are there. 

Check out KCONET for more awesome kpop themes


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theme: majesty
➥ code ♔ preview

  1. Single/Multi Column Option (500/250px posts)
  2. 5 Additional Links
  3. Monochrome/Grayscale Images Option
  4. Fading Images Option
  5. Infinite Scroll Option

theme: empty
➥ code ♔ preview (autoplay warning)

  1. 500px Posts
  2. 6 Additional Links
  3. Monochrome/Grayscale Images Option
  4. Fading Images Option
  5. Infinite Scroll Option
  6. A sidebar image, 425px in width. For the height adjust according to your screen size.
  7. A music player (use this)


  1. Search box and hide stuff tutorial by lmthemes.
  2. Song for Empty: Lucia ft Woohyun - Cactus

Note: The first and the third image are how the themes are supposed to look after you install it/before you modify it.

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry to be such a bother, but I really don't understand how to enable one and two column versions

oh you’re not a bother, don’t worry 8D here in the customize part there is this part:

just switch the options to look like that!


Theme #21 - {All Fired Up} by Darian B.

live preview: here || code: here || creator: here

Theme number twenty-one! Gah! I honestly never though I’d make it this far… You guys are absolutely brilliant! This one’s for hearttfilia, again!

  • landscape sidebar image
  • 500px single or 250px double column posts
  • optional post shadow
  • optional rounded posts
  • optional rounded permalinks
  • show/hide descriptions
  • optional monochrome images
  • four custom links on sideimage or
  • six custom links + six small images on second sidebar
  • two title styles
  • optional infinite scroll/pagination
Please like this post if you plan to use the theme, so that I can let you know if any changes have been made. I’m relatively new at this, so I might not have caught all of the programming glitches. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you! I love you all!

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✄ BLUE: live / static | PINK: live / static | VIEW CODE ✄

  • 57 colour options
  • 8 custom links
  • 1 column only
  • 400px posts / 500px posts
  • show captions option
  • monochrome posts option
  • infinite scrolling option
  • fading photos option
  • music player option
  • corner image
  • white photoset lightbox (courtesy of ladmilk uvu)
  • alternate styles for sidebar and permalink

Please like/reblog if you’re using the theme! :)


Updates Tab #2

Ok so I made these because I think most of the updates tabs are like “hover me and I will expand” so I decided to make one that you can click on it and magically a box appears lol okay I need friends.

The preview, codes and how to use are here.

Please READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU ASK! I beg you sweetie. If you have problems installing please let me know! <3333

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