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Mini theme (Mini diary page, full theme version)

Preview . Codes

  • Illustration : Keikkun (not included)
  • Pixels : Pixeliette
  • Music Player : Billy (not included)
  • Song : Cafe apres midi - Beauty and the Beast

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my first media page. i myself use this for anime recs (here’s a big working preview for that) but it can be used for movies, books, tv shows or what ever you want to with little customization. black and white color options. use colors wisely and here are the instructions for customizing and installing (there’s also some info in the coding), everything you need to change is written with CAPITAL LETTERS. be careful while editing the coding ok there’s a lot of stuff in there. anyway follow the rules and have fun!

→ preview,  download [black]
→ (working) preview,  download [white]

- links for home, ask, archive + theme credit
- working isotope filtering for tags, you can add them as much as you want to
- tags visible on pop up box
- search box 
- black and white pre set color options

- hover template for your own comments
- template images 173x274px
- comment images max 123x123px
- places for media title, wikipedia link, many details, quote, own comments and summary
- add as many templates as you want to

like/reblog if you use or like them, please

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Pattern Set #06

To download: right click on a pattern, then Save Image As.

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E L L O - preview | code

An ello theme for tumblr! This theme has a ton of options. You ready? Ok.

There is an optional header image, optional header message, optional avatar image, and an option for caption and tag visibility. The layout can be either with information at the top, or to the side (sidebar). If you have the sidebar option checked, you can also choose to show your blogroll (only works for main blogs). Infinite scrolling is currently the only pagination option. This theme only supports 500px posts. Your ask box can be accessed by clicking the black speech box at the top of the page. 

I claim no rights to ello’s design. All scripts are made by me (except the infinitescrolling and sticky ones). If there are any problems, let me know!

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theme 09 // percent five


· 250/400/500px posts
· 250px has 2/3 column option, 400px has 1/2 column option
· 5 custom links
· update tabs included (can be disabled)
· show/hide tags and captions
· option for custom tumblr controls
· option for infinite scrolling
· option for background image & customization
· option for post transparency
· optional loading animation
· customizable colors and fonts

note: editing update tabs has to be done manually. the code for update tabs is right under the <body> tag. i do not help with customization beyond the provided options. please like and reblog if using or plan using. thank you.


by evenstarss

  • 20 mixed textures
  • 500x600 px
  • please like/reblog if you download :)
  • enjoy! → (zip)

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Tumblr Basics Masterlist


Here’s an overview of the useful resources/tutorials which I’ve seen around tumblr, and they may also be answers to some bloggers’ questions. Feel free to add in other resources/tutorials which I haven’t included in the list! Enjoy ~ :)






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